Husky can’t contain excitement upon owner’s return home


Husky can’t contain excitement upon owner’s return home

It’s really easy to forget that we are not the only living beings living on this planet. We’re trapped in our concrete jungles, escaping the scorching heat and the freezing icy winters in the sanctity of our homes. The only contact with the outside world are …


(Toady One) Okay, we’ve started interviews and interrogation! It seemed like a fair entry point to investigations, since you’ll be confronting villains, and the conversations here need to work, regardless of other evidence. Naturally, our debugging friend, th…


(Toady One) As mentioned last time, we went down to the Roguelike Celebration! We didn’t have a talk this year, but there were plenty of speakers that will be of interested to our players. This year’s talks are available here, and here’s a schedule you can us…

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