🔴🐶UPDATE NINJA LEGENDS ROBLOX 🐶 Immortal PETS Sandstorm Island | LIVE STREAM (9 Nov 2019)

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⚡ Train your skills by swinging weapons and gaining Ninjitsu!
🗡️ Use gained Ninjitsu to increase your health & damage!
💰 Sell your Ninjitsu for coins and upgrade your items in the shop!
🐱‍👤 Unlock more Double Jumps and discover Islands high above!
🐕 Buy epic pets to help you gain stats faster!
🏆 Can you become #1 on the Leaderboards?
– X2 COINS/CHI WEEKEND! Stock up on stats fast!
– NEW ISLAND! Can you pass the EXPLODING clouds and reach Sandstorm?
– NEW ETERNAL BOSS! Can you defeat the almighty Eternal Boss? Gives x5 regular boss stats!
– TRAINING AREAS! Unlock different training areas to farm for huge boosts! (Unlock from Light/Dark Skills Shops)
– LIGHT/DARK SKILLS! Use Souls/Karma to unlock new Classes & Skills!
– LIMITED TIME Legends Pet Crystal! Find it near spawn!
– IMMORTAL PETS! Combine 5 Eternalized pets to create an Immortal! (Only Omega+ Pets can be Immortalized!)
– 20 NEW SWORDS! (Sandstorm)
– New Belts!
– New Ranks!
– New Skills!
– New Pet Exp Chest!
– NEW “Elite” Pet Tier!, Auto-Open Crystal button
– New 100 Capacity Gamepass!Music provided by – http://spoti.fi/NCS | TRPZN-Spread your wings
Arman Cekin – Sever The Ties (ft. Esther Sparkes)
Shane McMahon – Here Comes The Money (Entrance Theme)
Royalty Free Zone – No Copyright Music
[No Copyright Music] Spook – (Royalty Free Scary Music)
* For any copyright-related queries or removal Please reach the business email: owlzoneyt@gmail.com.