Things Only Adults Notice In The Secret Life Of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets might technically be considered a kids’ film, but the story is so much fun that it appeals to grown-ups as well. Of course, watching a movie as an adult isn’t the same experience as watching it as a kid. Here are things that only adults notice in The Secret Life of Pets.

There’s no doubt that Katie loves Max, but she’s not exactly the most responsible pet parent.

Early in the story, we can see her biking with Max who is riding unsecured in a basket attached to the front of her bike.

When you want to ride a bike with your dog in real life, they should always be safely harnessed in the basket. This will keep them secure so they don’t bounce out if you hit a bump in the road. And speaking of unexpected circumstances, Katie should obviously be wearing her helmet, too.

Duke is a huge dog. But he’s also just an outgoing pupper who just wants to make friends with his new roommate, Max. He excitedly greets his new canine pal, although he isn’t given the most welcome of greetings in return.

In real life, introducing two dogs to each other for the first time doesn’t always go that smoothly. According to the Animal Humane Society, it’s best to keep them leashed at first and allow them to slowly get to know each other. They also should not be left at home alone together right away, at least not in the same room. Katie should have either put them in separate rooms or crated them, which, at the very least, would have prevented Max from creating a mess in the apartment.

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