Rotating George and Willows Toys and Accessories

Green Cheek Cinnamon Conures Accessories
Green Cheek Cinnamon Conures Accessories

It seems that George and Willow our Green Cheek Cinnamon Conures like variety in their lives, just like the rest of us. It is for this reason, we try and rotate their toys and accessories at least once every 3 months of so. It seems to keep them more alert, intrigued which then keeps them engaged and it may just be us, but seems to keep them happy and entertained.

We find that George and Willows environment is a vital part of their well being. After we selected a good sized cage for them, then the next step was choosing the most appropriate accessories.  If we didn’t do this, then it would almost be akin to living in a house with nowhere comfortable to sit, sleep, eat etc.  This is what we think if the cage didn’t have any accessories for our conures would feel like.

Rotating Toys and Accessory rotation is important

We find that the conures eat throughout the day and require fresh water at all times, which we provide.  The feeding cups and bowls are of an appropriate size for the birds and are easily cleaned and sanitized.  The open cups, although a good size doesn’t stop the seeds and hulls from spilling onto the bottom of the cage or even onto the floor. One option would be to provide them with a tidy seed bird-feeder, which attaches inside or outside of the cage and helps contain the mess.  These clear acrylic feeders have a built in perch and are easily removed for cleaning, although we have not gone down this path. The open feeder we have provided to the Conures is a stainless steel bowl, crocks with wire holders that attach to the cage.  We have a few of these, as having multiple bowls on hand means there is always a clean bowl ready to go.

George and Willow, really enjoy a bath, which is important because it stimulates their preening. The bathing and preening process is one that is very healthy for them.  George and Willow delight in bathing by splashing in their water bowl filled with tepid water.  The bathing allows them to be clean, promotes feather and skin health.  There is plenty of ventilation around the cage so the birds are able to air-dry in a warm environment so they don’t get sick, after their bath. When we see this, and because they bath in the same bowl they drink from, the water is change pretty quickly after.

Toy Rotation
Accessory Blocks

The conures have a variety of furniture in their cage, this provides them with different vantage points and interest.  The cage is suited to their size, and the space allows for perches at several different levels.  We selected the appropriate sized perches for their feet, as the wrong size can cause foot injury and arthritis. There are swings and ladders, and these are a good source of activity for our pet birds, adding some interest to the environment.  A good and comfortable place to sleep is also included in the cage, providing a safe and cosy place for them to rest.  We place a cover, which in this instance is an old beach towel over the cage at night, this extra step insures a better night’s sleep and avoids them from remaining awake due to household noises.

In our house we have plenty of gadgets to keep us entertained, and our birds need some stimulation and entertainment as well.  Toys intrigue their curiosity as they play and investigate new textures, colours and challenges.  We have provided the conures with toys appropriate for their size, and we have found that they have favourites.  The toys are rotated on a monthly basis that is different toys which expose them to rope toys, chew toys, puzzles (which simulate foraging in the wild), mirrors, brightly coloured acrylic toys, and climbing toys. This variety lets us as their carers get a feel for what they find exciting and fun.

Parrot Accessories

Paramount is to ensure our pets, and the birds are no different, safety is in mind when we choose the bird cage accessories. The accessories are frequently checked to ensure they are holding up well. It’s important to keep the cage and accessories clean and checked for damage from playing and chewing on a regular basis.

George and Willow seem to be very comfortable and happy in their home. Fully furnished and accessorised with some of the basics. This keeps them healthy and happy companions, as we all sit back and watch them enjoy their home. Please tell us the accessories your bird likes and why, we would love to hear from you.

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