What Happens When Your Channel Goes To The Dogs – Brooke Houts | TRO

The Right Opinion: What Happens When Your Channel Goes To The Dogs – Brooke Houts | TRO


My content has been a long journey from 2016, where I would rant about domestic UK politics and figures who most people watching this video probably wouldn’t even know in the slightest, to 2019, where I make long form videos on drama and conflicts, and the sorts of mentalities that lie behind them. However, one thing has never changed, the fact that I do care deeply about the topics I discuss. Every now and then I get the comment about how I’ve changed from what I used to do and honestly I have, and it has brought me more considerable success than previous topics of interest, but honestly if I wasn’t interested in the topics I spoke about, if I wasn’t invested in it, if I didn’t think I had something to say, then I probably wouldn’t have the tolerance to talk about it for half an hour in multiple videos. Make no mistake, you don’t have to like my videos, but I definitely care about them.

And that’s the thing, I’ve always loved talking, in case you don’t have that impression already, and I love having opinions on everything, and honestly if I don’t have an opinion on something it just probably means that I haven’t had the time to look into it. I’ve always argued that it’s important to care about the content that you’re actually making, I obviously can’t sit here and look into the mind of every single person that I’m analysing in my videos, which is why I don’t tend to state intent, but I obviously have my own opinions on why I feel they made their videos, but it would be such a level of conjecture that I seldom include speculation. Personally, it’s always safer to side on the benefit of the doubt when making videos about people’s intent because I think a false negative is much more harmful than a false positive. If people take the assumption that a person is good, then that may still have grounds to be changed in the future about that person, however, if the community assumes a person is bad, then I do think it gives that person a tougher job. Nonetheless, when someone behaves in a way that I feel does underline a much deeper mentality of that creator then we should take the chance to call them out, not just for audience awareness of the specific situation, but of the underlying mentality that can often drive these incidents. This is where we meet Brooke Houts.

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