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Last Dog to Leave Bounce House Wins $10,000 | Pawzam DogsLast Dog to Leave Bounce House Wins $10,000 | Pawzam Dogs

PawZam Dogs play the last to leave bounce house wins $10,000 or a chance to get dog treats. Matt and Rebecca Zamolo‚Äôs dogs have seen their parents play this game before and have done other last to leave challenges so they wanted to experience a challenge in a bounce house. Since they are both Senior Rescue Dogs they will need some extra motivation getting into the inflatable. First they try on land by reacting to treats by Rocky Kanaka. Next PawZam Dogs create a funny reaction when they are in the bounce house for the first time. We will find out who can last the longest and who will get the treat last. Who do you think will win? Watch more videos like this: Tmartn2 – DOG RIDES GIANT UNICORN FLOAT TO PRIVATE ISLAND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BLr1ct2u-4 MrBeast – Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wsFjjhZPJI Jenna Marbles – Teaching My […]

Buying 100 Puppuccinos For Homeless Dogs!Buying 100 Puppuccinos For Homeless Dogs!

Wait until you see their faces when they try the Puppuccinos! In Buying 100 Puppuccinos For Homeless Dogs I visit more than one Starbucks trying to all 100 of the Puppuccinos for the shelter dogs. Go watch Kurt Hugo Schneider – Remaking OLD TOWN ROAD with 100 dogs https://youtu.be/-oDDPEzKGu4: I drove all over town visiting Starbucks locations in strip malls, stand alone stores and even Target just so we could get enough Puppuccinos to show rescue puppies some love. In my last video Filming my foster dog every day until first tail wag (Emotional) I take Homer out on a mini Dog’s Day Out and get him a Puppuccino ( We also took my Boxer Flip) after learning how to heard sheep. In fact it has become a bit of a tradition. And weather you are watching my show Dog’s Day Out or my videos where I take 100 dog […]

Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest DayBuying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest Day

Wait until you see how happy they are when they get their ice cream! In Buying 100 homeless dogs ice cream on the hottest day I take doggy ice cream to the animal shelter so that we can show rescue puppies some love. In my last video Baking 100 Dog Cakes For Homeless Dogs! we went to Boxer Rescue LA and gave cakes to senior dogs, puppies and more. If you have ever watched my videos where I surprise animal shelters with a $10,000 challenge or spend 24 hours taking a dog on a Dog’s Day Out then you know one of my favorite things to do is to help dogs. Buy an ice cream for a dog by joining my channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGisihUQxb3_gE7Qzffyp4g/join Check out some of my favorite videos of the week: Mayapolarbear – My Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Challenge https://youtu.be/d2L6MTNouw0 Yes Theory – STRANDED AT SEA […]