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Please enter the store and browse through our product range; at Pet Dedicated we understand that online shopping can be daunting and confusing. We have tried to make the process as simple as possible. There are no fancy gimmicks, just a simple layout, designed for ease of use.  Our product range is designed to provide access to popular pet products, such as dog seat covers, pet grooming products and more. Our range in each category is comprehensive, our staff have approached each supplier and determined that each product is designed well and will provide you the customer peace of mind, in the knowledge that a quality product is only a click away, ready to be securely dispatched. We know you will just love our range, all for the dedication to our furry companions. Enjoy your shopping experience at Pet Dedicated. Pet Supplies for pet lovers everywhere! Here you will find pet […]

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Pet Reading

As pet owners, we want the pet for our companion, and as they say a healthy happy pet has the benefit of keeping us as pet owners happy. If you speak to a vet, or any pet owner for that matter, it is not difficult to keep a pet happy, provided they are fed well, have plenty of exercise, security, frequent visits to the Vet and a place to call home, no different to us really, except for the Vet part) There is an eBook called Happy Pet Handbook, by better cities for pets, it is a good simple read for people who think that their pet could be happier. Between you and me, if your pet is still with you, provides undivided attention and is generally happy being around you, then they are happy. The book can be downloaded here should you be interested, it’s for free and who […]

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