Raw Paws Pet Food Review

Raw Paws Pet Food

Recently we purchased food for our dog daisy, we noticed that she seemed to be unhappy with what we were feeding her and wanted to try something new. Daisy is about 4 years old and large Labrador who is spoilt rotten, if that is possible. Every now and then we like to try different types of foods, and ensure she has all the nutrition she needs for a healthy lifestyle.

That is her coat is clean, shiny, her teeth are strong, and her overall diet is sound. So, we started to research more and more, finding all sorts of different pet supply companies who offered great products. When we came across products from the Raw Paws Pet Food supplies then we thought we would give it a try. Anything for our Daisy, as you can well imagine. We ordered different types of foods to see which she would migrate to, well that was our first mistake because she seemed to enjoy each one.

Daisy the Labrador

The food is 100 % natural, with no preservatives and no fillers. Offering frozen pet food, chews, treats, freeze dried grain – free kibble, supplements and more. It is based on their belief that there are benefits of raw feeding as you’re imitating your pet’s natural, species-appropriate diet, which helps them achieve optimal health, vibrancy, and longevity.

The benefits of this type of diet for daisy and pets in general are;

  • Improved Teeth & Breath
  • Reduced Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased Mental Stimulation
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes
  • Helps Maintain Ideal Weight
  • Reduced Allergies (Skin & Food)
  • Less Ear Wax Build Up
  • Increased Stamina
  • Chewing Enrichment
  • Bladder Control

And according to Raw Paws Pet Foods themselves, there are also benefits to be had by the pet owner,

  • Longer, Healthier Pet Life
  • Reduced Chance of Disease
  • Fewer Visits to the Vet
  • Lower Dental Bills
  • Less Shedding
  • Healthier Stool, Less Odor
  • Lessen Bad Breath
  • Reduced Flatulence
  • Reduced Hyperactivity
  • Prevent Fleas & Ticks
  • Reduce or Eliminate Prescriptions

Up to the point of purchasing from the Raw Paws Pet Foods, we would feed Daisy raw food scrapes, bones etc, we knew she appreciated it, and knew when we were going to eat a special meal. Daisy is part of the family so she will also be fed from the leftovers of our meal, veal, chicken, pork, it didn’t really matter, she just devoured the food, as you would expect.

It was at this stage that we understood that when it comes to raw feeding, a partial diet is better than nothing at all. There are people who feed their pets an almost 100% kibble diet. They still want their dog or cat to receive the benefits of raw so they either substitute a few meals throughout the month or just give a little raw food as a special treat every now and then. We turned into these type of pet owners, Daisy appreciated it, but it just wasn’t enough. So, we investigated and found the pet food we wanted for Daisy, and in turn Daisy appreciated.

Daisy looks forward to her treats, exercise and looks as fit and healthy as when she was a pup. The Raw Pet Food supplies to all type of pets and delivers to most locations, so you won’t be disappointed, in short, The Raw Paws Pet Food supplies have won both Daisy and us over, so they are thoroughly recommended.

If you’re going to partially feed your pet a high-end dry dog food, as it can still provide pets with adequate nutrition. When food is cooked at high temperatures, most of the natural nutrients are depleted. With high-end kibble, those natural nutrients are then supplemented back into the food.

The good thing about the Raw Paws Pet Food company is they provide a service where you can call, and they will provide a specialist to discuss ways to partially feed your pet. A raw feeding specialist will be happy to talk with you about the various ways to partially feed your pet. Not a service we used, but we know is offered.

Try it once, you and your pet won’t be disappointed. If you do try products from The Raw Paws Pet food supplies, let us know, leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you.

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