Animals of dramaland: From props to metaphors

Animals of dramaland: From props to metaphors

The animal kingdom has always had an interesting presence in dramaland. Animals, and pets in particular, can act as a catalyst that’s responsible for an important reveal or moment, can become a telling metaphor — or, in some cases, they can become a drama cha…

Animal shelter claims to be Area 51’s ‘secret second location’ in pet adoption campaign

Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Longview, Texas joked that it’s the second secret Area 51 and concerned parties are welcome to come ‘free’ the ‘aliens’ whenever they’d like.


(Toady One) I started with some character sheet issues this time around. To keep up with some promises from old Future of the Fortresses for the new adventurers, I allowed the purchase of item quality in chargen, and the selection of religion, including the o…