🔴Update Day Pets V2 – Hypixel Skyblock


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The following Sound effects can be redeemed for dragon coins

!redeem Rust
80 Dragon coins ( Plays Rust Song )
!redeem nuggets
10 Dragon coins ( Plays Chicken nuggets Vine )
!redeem Dun
5 dragon coins ( Plays Dun Dun Dunn )
!redeem drumroll
5 dragon coins ( Plays Drunroll )
!redeem yousuck
5 dragon coins ( Plays you suck )
!redeem sadmusic
6 dragon coins (plays sad music )
!redeem fail1
5 dragon coins ( Plays Fail #1 )
!redeem Zackl
15 dragon coins ( Plays Zack Laugh )
!redeem wao
10 dragon coins (plays anime Wao )
!redeem Valgo
15 dragon points ( Plays Valgo Verg@ sound effect )
!redeem dungeons
50 dragon points ( Plays dungeons song )
!redeem 6consoles
10 dragon coins (plays 6 consoles Fx)